Ammonia is used in numerous different industrial application requiring carbon or stainless steel storage vessels. Ammonia with at least 0.2 percent by weight water content is not corrosive to carbon steel. NH3 carbon steel construction storage tanks with 0.2 percent by weight or more of water could last more than 50 years in service.

Anhydrous ammonia used on farms as a fertilizer. These tanks are usually small, mounted on the trailer and may require DOT certificate if they are used on public highways. For more info please click here.

Anhydrous ammonia also used as a refrigerant and called R717. Usually, for big 50 to 1000 ton refrigeration systems. Companies use ammonia because of financial and environmental reasons. Ammonia relatively cheap and does not harm the ozone layer.

These refrigeration systems for safety reason, to avoid accidental ammonia discharge to the atmosphere require a special water tank called ammonia diffuser or discharge tank. Please call me for prices on ammonia diffuser / discharge tanks if you need one.

Aqua ammonia (water and ammonia solution) and anhydrous NH3 used as a neutralizing agent for harmful chemicals before they discharged into the environment. For example, they spray anhydrous or aqueous ammonia into smokestacks to wash fumes.

Aqueous ammonia used in households as a cleaning agent. Ammonia also used as an ingredient for manufacturing many different chemicals and products.